HOOsick Hickory Elixir...What is it? It's an all-natural, tree-based product that was originally used by Native Americans for pain relief & other afflictions...

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We are proud to be 
In the next few pages, you will learn about the pain relieving product that  we created. We 
will tell you why we created it
 and what some of our customers have to say about it!

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A great, pain free
way to start (or end) your day...

Our amazing Hickory ElixirTM
is our flagship product and the 
reason we do what we do! It's a decoction, originally developed by Native Americans to relieve their arthritis pain & other afflictions. 
We expanded on their idea by 
creating HOOsick Hickory 
ExtractTM. HOOsick Hickory 
ExtractTM is made using our own
living water & hickory bark. By combining raw, local honey with our HOOsick Hickory ExtractTM,  we created an all natural pain reliever 
& excellent source of minerals 
essential to good health. The 
mixture of raw honey with our
 all natural Hickory ExtractTM 
makes it much more palatable​!