HOOsick Hickory Elixir...What is it? It's an all-natural, tree-based product that was originally used by Native Americans for pain relief & other afflictions...

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Our HOOsick Hickory ElixirTM, is made from three 
simple ingredients ~ living water from 
Indian Springs, an underground artesian aquifer located 
on our property, hickory bark from the shagbark 
hickory tree & raw local honey. 

We created our pain relieving elixir to help combat the
pain of my husband's arthritis. After working for over
30 years in his own auto body shop, he had developed
a painful arthritis in his hands. While searching for
a natural remedy, we found that Native Americans had
created an unusual pain relieving tea from the bark
of the shagbark hickory tree. Our research concluded
that the Native Americans used all parts of the 
hickory tree for a variety of things, including many 
for medicinal purposes. Common ailments 
such as arthritis pain, headaches & diseases peculiar 
to women are just a few of the known medicinal uses 
as  well as an insect repellent, among others. 

There are 2 quarts of concentrated minerals from our 
living water, in one bottle of our Hoosick Hickory Elixir!


"Hi, I bought your elixir at the Williamstown Farmers' 
Market. I do believe it has helped keep me healthy this Fall/Winter! I want to get more." 

"Recently I placed and received an order for the
 hickory elixir. My husband has trouble with arthritic hands. 
A friend of ours came across  your product at the Herkimer County Community College craft fair in November. She 
purchased and tried the product with success. She
 had an extra bottle and gave it to my husband to try. 
After about 2 weeks he began to feel a difference in 
his hands. The swelling and pain began to diminish. 
Our purchase was a result of the success he has 
already experienced from the elixir. Frank now has
 passed a bottle on to our son to see if it will also have 
the same affect for him. Thank you and I am sure you 
will hear from us again in the future..."

"My mother and I both bought your hickory elixir at a craft show. The show was at HCCC in Herkimer. We both have 
seen an improvement in our arthritis. Thank you." 


Customers continuously surprise me at events! 
A customer came up to me at a recent event and stated
"I need three bottles of Hoosick Hickory ElixirTM.
I bought a bottle at a prior event you were at and it 
worked so well that I want to share it with some friends!"​

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Our own experience has proven that our elixir is an 
arthritis pain reliever, because it works for us.  Our 
customers have told us that, not only has our elixir relieved their arthritis pain, it has also helped as a muscle relaxer, relieved some symptoms of Lyme 
disease, helped with hip & back pain and even helped 
 customers to sleep better. Native Americans 
have used this extract remedy for hundreds of years. According to our research, the Delaware
 Indians used this remedy as a tonic for general 
debility and female disorders. The Iroquois Indians used this remedy to kill worms in adults and as a pain reliever for arthritis.