HOOsick Hickory Elixir...What is it? It's an all-natural, tree-based product that was originally used by Native Americans for pain relief & other afflictions...

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Our HOOsick Hickory ElixirTM is made with "living 
 water" from Indian Springs, an underground
artesian aquifer located on our property. 

What benefit does living water have
 over other forms of water or even tap water? 

Our living water does not contain the 
contaminants or chemicals that you may find in tap 
water or in other types of water. Our living 
water also has a high mineral content. The body 
needs the minerals found in living water 
to function at the highest possible level.

Different Types of Water

Living water differs from other waters 
in many ways. Some bottled waters are simply 
tap water that have been purified, which removes 
both contaminants and essential minerals from the 
water. Bottled tap water usually lacks the full flavor
 of living water and does not provide any minerals 
to the body. If the water you drink is filtered or
processed in any way, it is "dead water."

Types of contaminants include:

~ Acid rain ~ Toxins from factories ~
~ Ground contaminants ~ Bacteria ~

Our living water comes from an underground 
 source that is deep within the earth. It is
an old water, meaning it is fossil water that has 
been flowing underground for perhaps millions of years!
Our living water is under layers of rock that cannot 
be penetrated by acid rain, bacteria or toxins, so 
it is protected from​ all above ground contaminants.

Minerals in Living Water

Living water typically has a high mineral 
and electrolyte content. The human body needs
 minerals for proper functioning and for development 
of the bones and other organs. Electrolytes, such as
 sodium and potassium, keep the body in balance. An electrolyte becomes an ion when absorbed by the 
human body. It sends electrical impulses throughout 
the body, which keeps the body functioning as it 
should. Some of the minerals and electrolytes 
found in living water include:

~ Silica: an essential mineral for the body. A lack of 
silica in the body can lead to joint problems and 
bone deformities. Silica in raw artesian water
 also gives it body and taste.

~ Bicarbonate: an electrolyte that keeps the pH of 
the blood in balance. Without adequate bicarbonate,
 the blood can become too acidic. If the pH level of 
the blood is not balanced, a person may feel tired
 and have low energy levels.

~ Fluoride: a mineral that can protect the teeth and 
prevent cavities and decay. Fluoride is often added to municipal water. It's found naturally in raw artesian water.

~  Calcium: a mineral needed for strong bones as well 
as for muscle and nerve functioning.

~ Magnesium: a chemical element which is known as an alkaline earth metal abundant in earth's crust. Magnesium
 is found in the body where it is stored half in the bones 
and half in the other organs and cells and is crucial for normal muscle and nerve function. Magnesium is also 
related to strong bones and a healthy immune system.


By combining our mineral rich, living water with 
the bark of the shagbark hickory tree, we created our proprietary HOOsick Hickory ExtractTM By adding raw, 
local honey, to the HOOsick Hickory ExtractTM, we 
created our HOOsick Hickory ElixirTM, that we use as a 
 pain reliever for arthritis and many other types of pain. 
Based on the fact that there are approximately 1.3
 million people in the United States that have rheumatoid arthritis and an estimated 27 million people in the
 United States  with osteoarthritis, we think that our HOOsick Hickory ElixirTM could help a large number of people alleviate a very significant amount of pain! 

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